Burghill Community Academy

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What are British values?

"Every school should promote the basic British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs. Children become valuable and fully rounded members of society who treat others with respect and tolerance, regardless of their background." - Ofsted

At Burghill Community Academy, we think it is incredibly important for our pupils to recognise the richness in diversity and therefore we take pride in recognising and celebrating numerous different events that promote those British values in school. Please see below for some examples of our whole school or whole key-stage celebrations:

The Queen's Green Canopy

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee, we planted a silver birch tree on our school grounds. This was all part of the Queen's Green Canopy initiative to plant new trees across the United Kingdom. To celebrate the planting of this special tree we had a whole-school ceremony involving poetry readings by Beech and Sycamore Class pupils, a dance performance by Willow Class and a some beautiful bunting made by Apple Class.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 (February/March)

Fairtrade Fortnight was a whole-school event with children from Apple Class through to Sycamore Class learning about what Fairtrade means and how it benefits farmers producing key foods like bananas, cocoa and coffee - as well as other things. Our activities included a whole-school assembly introducing the logo as well as individual classes doing their own lessons to learn more. Plus, there was a challenge for children to try and swap at least one item on their family food shop for a Fairtrade item. We have displayed all of our learning on a display in the school corridor.

Children's Mental Health Week 2022 (February)

We celebrated Children's Mental Health Week across the whole school - with whole-school and class-based activities. We enjoyed Mr. Davies leading a 'Wake & Shake' activity for everybody on the playground and other classes enjoyed circle times and discussion about how to look after our mental health. Other examples of what we got up to include: Willow Class taking part in a fantastic live yoga session streamed from The Courtyard, Sycamore Class making delicious potions using ingredients that can keep our mind and body healthy and Beech Class filling a jar full of notes of gratitude about one another. We also finished the week with a Wear-Green-For-Children's-Mental-Health non-uniform day.

Black History Month 2022 (October)

Black History Month was a whole-school celebration. Across our classes, children learnt about the achievements of important black people from history, including; Floella Benjamin, Lewis Hamilton, Claudia Jones, Matthew Henson, John Kent and more. Key Stage 2 also learnt about important events from British black history like the Windrush and the origins of Notting Hill Carnival. KS2 pupils also came into school each morning listening to music by famous black artists and books by black authors or containing black main characters were on display in the school library.

Pride 2021

To celebrate Pride Month, Key Stage 2 listened to the music of prominent LGBTQ+ artists when they came into class each morning (inc. Olly Alexander, Demi Lovato, Billie Holiday and MNEK). Y3/4 also learnt more about why Pride month exists and made colourful rainbow flags in art. In Y5/6, the children watched the Pixar Short 'Out' and wrote diary entries as the main character to explain what he would have been feeling in the film.

Ramadan 2021

After learning about Ramadan, a Year 5 pupil suggested the class could raise money for charity by taking part in a school-day fast (09:00-15:15). The class then decided upon a charity to raise money for, settling on Christian Aid and their Rohingya Crisis Appeal. The children sat together before 09:00 on the penultimate day of Ramadan to enjoy a bumper 'brunch' and after smashing the £25 fundraising target and raising over £60 a Year 6 asked if the funds could be split equally between Christian Aid and Muslim Aid, a decision that was unanimously supported by everyone taking part.

Chinese New Year 2021

We celebrated Chinese New Year throughout the school and with those home-learning too. Our youngest children engaged in sensory play and mark making with rice and Chinese numbers. In KS1, children made hand-print dragons and Chinese lanterns and in KS2 the children learnt about the traditions and story of Chinese New Year as well as creating paper dragons and making their own Chinese food.


A survey of our books in school found only 2.4% of them had non-white people on their covers, way below the 14% of the British population who identify as non-white (Census 2011). To improve representation in the books our children read, FaBS donated £150 to buy new books that feature BAME characters for our class and school libraries.