Burghill Community Academy

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Wrap-Around Care At Burghill Community Academy:

Breakfast Club:
Breakfast club runs from 7.45am until the start of the school day. Run by Miss Cath Lloyd, our children are catered for in the school hall and have a range of cereals and toast provided for them, along with crafts, activities and quiet zones to enjoy. Booking forms and prices can be requested from the school office.

Club Burghill:

Our after-school club, Club Burghill, is run by Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Galliers and Mrs. Pizzy. A quick snack is provided to those attending and then the children are free to play in the school grounds or take part in a variety of activities including reading, crafts, drawing, board games and some other activities as well. The after-school care finishes at either 16:30 or 17.30 depending on your preference. 

Bookings & Payments:

We are aware that things change at short notice and will do our best to accommodate this however, where possible, it is very important that children are booked into our breakfast and after-school clubs in advance. If you are interested in your child attending our breakfast club or after school club, please contact our office who will have all the information you will need and be happy to answer any questions.