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Wrap-Around Care

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We are pleased to offer wrap-around care at Burghill Community Academy for those families who can't drop off for 08:45 or pick-up at 15:15. 

Our breakfast club opens at 07:45 and provides those children attending with a chance to have a yummy breakfast before school and hang out with their friends at the start of the day.

Our after-school club can look after your child until 16:30 or 17:30 depending on your booking. The club provides a snack for your child and more opportunities for them to play with their friends before being picked up. 


We are aware that things change at short notice and will do our best to accommodate this however, where possible, it is very important that children are booked into our breakfast and after-school clubs in advance and if you are late to collect your child you may be charged for the additional session. If you are interested in your child attending our breakfast club or after school club, please contact our office who will have all the information you will need and be happy to answer any questions.

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