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Our School Houses

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Pupils at Burghill Community Academy are divided amongst four different 'houses' for their time at school, with siblings placed within the same houses wherever possible. It is these houses that the children will collect house points for, represent at Sports Day, play for in The C.A. Cup (our own inter-house football tournament) and Year 6 pupils will be elected 'House Captains' of. We want the children to be proud of the house they represent with house points awarded for a variety of reasons. Weekly house point totals are announced in assembly every Friday, after being collected by the house captains, and an overall winning house is announced in the last assembly of the school year.

Elgar Picture.png

Our 2023 House Points Cup Winners:

Elgar House

2022: Wordsworth  |  2021: Szabo  |  2020: Szabo

Wordsworth Badge.png

Our 2024 C.A Cup Winners:

Wordsworth House

2023: Wordsworth | 2022: Masefield.  |  2021: Masefield.  |  2019: Masefield.

2018: Elgar.  |  2017: Wordsworth.  |  2016: Wordsworth.

Szabo Badge.png

Our 2024 Sports Day Shield Winners:

Szabo House

2023: Elgar | 2022: Szabo.  |  2021: Wordsworth.  |  2019: Wordsworth.

2018: Masefield.  |  2017: Szabo. |  2016: Elgar.

Who Our Houses Are Named After

Elgar House:

Named after the famous composer, Edward Elgar (1857-1934). Edward was born in nearby Worcestershire but lived in Hereford for 8 years between 1904 and 1912, during which time he created some of his most famous music including Allegro for Strings. There is a statue of Edward outside Hereford Cathedral.


Masefield House:

Named after the famous poet and writer, John Masefield (1878-1967). John was born in Ledbury, Herefordshire and was the Poet Laureate for the United Kingdom from 1930 until his death. Although John travelled a lot due to his job, he never forgot about Herefordshire, keeping in regular contact with his family who continued to live in the area.


Szabo House:

Violette Szabo (1921-1945), the daughter of an English father and a French mother, is one of the bravest women in British history. Violette joined the Special Operations Executive during WWII and conducted secret, dangerous missions behind enemy lines. A small museum, dedicated to Violette's life and set up by her aunt, can be found in Herefordshire.


Wordsworth House:

The famous poet, William Wordsworth (1770-1850) has ties to our locality through romance. William often visited Brinsop Court - causing quite a stir amongst the locals when he did - to visit his childhood sweetheart Mary Hutchinson. The pair would eventually wed and go on to have five children together.

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