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Our School Team

A quick who's who of our fantastic team at Burghill Community Academy:

Senior Leadership Team

Mr. A. Davies (Executive Head Teacher)

Mrs. J. Symonds (Head of School)

Ms. C. Astley (Senior Teacher)

Classroom Teachers

Mrs. L. Howard (Muddy Boots - Pre-School)
Ms. C. Astley (Apple Class - Reception)
Mrs. L. Potter (Beech Class - KS1)
Miss T. Brittain & Miss L. Way (Willow Class - Year 3/4)
Mr. N. Locke (Sycamore Class - Year 5/6)

Classroom Support Staff

Mrs. A. Bradbury (Classroom Assistant & Forest Schools Lead)

Miss C. Lloyd (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs. L. Robson-Tull (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs. C. Rowland (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs. N. Southall (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs. S. Turner (Pre-School Assistant)

Ms. Z. Williams (Pre-School Assistant)

Non-Classroom-Based Staff

Miss. B. Bowen (SENCO)

Cooper (Therapy-Dog-In-Training)

Ms. J. Francis (School Office Manager)

Mrs. J. Osborne-Barnes (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs. V. Preece (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs. V. Turner (School Business Manager)

Mrs. B. Willcocks (Learning & Services Mentor)

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