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Our 6 Rs

The 6 Rs are an incredibly important part of our school ethos. They form the core of what we work on with the children to help them grow as individuals. They are referenced regularly around the school in both displays and discussions, assemblies are held around them and in 2023 they also became an integral part of our end-of-year awards assembly.


The ability to look back at our work or choices and reflect on how to improve in the future.


How we interact with one another - with our peers, with staff, with members of the public and more. Looking at how we deal with friendships, conflict and everything in between most effectively.


Sometimes things are hard or we're pushed out of our comfort zones. This focuses on how we deal with those situations and how we can work to improve our resilience as we grow up.


The world around us is full of ways we can reach out independently to help ourselves or others. Here, we look at what we can use around us to try and solve a problem or help a friend.


Respect is something that can be shown, earned and lost. It's important that we spend time showing the children the upmost respect while also rewarding them for showing it and teaching them how to earn it.


Life is full of risks and many are worth taking. We take time to teach the children how to risk-assess as well as encouraging them to think independently on how and when to take risks and what rewards can come with risk-taking.

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